Friday, April 20, 2012

Saudi Woman deliver a baby on a flight from New York to Kuwait

Assumed the position after 14 hours until they reached the airport


delivered a Saudi woman born before  yesterday on a plane bound for Kuwait Airways from New York City in the United States to Kuwait.
According to the "homeland" of Kuwait that the journey Kuwaiti No. 118 coming from New York last Wednesday saw the case of the birth of the Saudi woman, after exposure to the throes of childbirth and the aircraft at high altitude after take-off shortly, as showing signs of labor and delivery, to be her birth on the plane by doctors happened to be on board.
The newspaper pointed out that the mother assumed the fetal position after birth for 14 hours until they reached Kuwait.
Before landing the pilot informed the control tower to call ambulances for the transfer of Saudi Arabia and her child traveling to the hospital to complete the necessary treatment.
The already quoted the mother and the baby to Farwaniya Hospital, and they are in good health.

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